Ayaka Kinoshita when alive

Ayaka Kinoshita alive


Ayaka taking the pain of drowning from Haruka


Ayaka's plaque

Spirit of Ayaka

Ayaka's soul after death

Appearance: When alive, Ayaka had brown hair tied up in a high ponytail, with her bangs parted to the sides. She wore the school uniform which consisted of a white blazer with a black collar and black line running down the centre, as well as a black skirt. She wore a blue bow with thin white lines, and was seen with a yellow phone strap with her name on it.

Ayaka Kinoshita was a teenage girl who was the only daughter of Doctor Kinoshita, the man who delivered Yakumo Saitou. She drowned a year ago when a typhoon was near, by falling into a swelling river on the way home from cram school. Her soul remained by that river, constantly appealing for people to 'please stop'. It is later found that Doctor Kinoshita loved her very much and in order to resurrect her, planned on drowning girls her age in order for Ayaka's spirit to possess their bodies. It was revealed that Ayaka indeed did possess the bodies of the two victim girls, and Haruka when she was drowning, but did so only to shoulder their pain and fear alongside them, allowing them a peaceful death. She then had to go through the torment of death in their stead. After her father, Doctor Kinoshita realised his wrongdoings, her spirit passed on.

She was likely to have been very kind and was very close to her father.